Why Meta’s Threads app is the biggest threat to Twitter yet

Why Meta’s Threads app is the biggest threat to Twitter yet

Why Meta's Threads app is the biggest threat to Twitter yet


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Twitter is currently grappling with fierce competition and the difficulty of retaining its user base, particularly due to Facebook’s notable advancements that challenge Twitter’s dominance. Despite Twitter’s endeavors to introduce innovative features and products, none have proven to make a significant impact.

Yet, there is a new contender on the horizon: Threads, developed by Meta. This intriguing app poses a potential threat to Twitter by offering a distinctive approach to connecting with loved ones. Threads is specifically designed to provide a more intimate and personal way of interacting with friends and family. Leveraging the foundation of Facebook’s Messenger platform, Threads introduces unique features that differentiate it from existing products in the market.

Why Threads poses a threat to Twitter

There are several reasons why Threads can be considered a threat to Twitter. Firstly, Threads focuses on fostering personal and intimate connections, an area where Twitter has struggled in recent years. Twitter’s inherently public nature often impedes meaningful conversations among close friends and family. In contrast, Threads provides a more private and personal space for interactions.

Secondly, Threads seamlessly integrates with Facebook’s Messenger platform, allowing users to connect effortlessly with their existing friends and family on Messenger. This integration grants Threads an advantage by leveraging the extensive user base already present on Messenger.

Thirdly, as a new product, Threads does not bear the weight of Twitter’s long-standing history. Twitter’s 15-year legacy can sometimes hinder innovation and adaptation. Being unburdened by this history allows Threads the freedom to explore new avenues and take risks that Twitter may find challenging.


Threads, the new app developed by Meta, has the potential to pose a significant threat to Twitter. Its focus on personal and intimate connections, integration with Facebook’s Messenger platform, and the opportunity for innovation set Threads apart. It is plausible that Threads may evolve into the leading social media platform for personal and intimate communication.

Additional thoughts

In addition to the mentioned factors, there are a few other reasons why Threads could threaten Twitter. Threads emphasizes visual content, utilizing photos and videos to tell stories, providing a visually appealing experience for users. Twitter, on the other hand, has traditionally been text-based. This distinction in focus may attract users seeking a visually engaging way to connect with friends and family.

Moreover, Threads offers ephemeral messaging, where conversations and messages disappear after a specific time. This feature appeals to users seeking privacy and secure communication. In contrast, Twitter is known for its permanence, where tweets are often archived or saved. The contrasting nature of permanence and ephemerality in communication methods may attract users looking for a more temporary and secure platform.

While it is still early to determine Threads’ ultimate success, the app has the potential to become a significant threat to Twitter. If Threads can capitalize on its advantages and address user needs, it may establish itself as the primary social media platform for personal and intimate communication.


Q.What are Twitter threads?

Twitter threads are a sequence of interconnected tweets. They offer an effective way to share a story or convey information that exceeds the character limit of a single tweet. Creating Twitter thread involves starting with an initial tweet and adding subsequent tweets through the “Reply” button. To view a thread, click on the “Thread” button located at the top of the tweet.

Q.How do I write a Twitter thread?

Consider the following guidelines when crafting a Twitter thread:

1. Begin with a captivating introduction to capture readers’ attention.
2. Utilize clear and concise language to ensure easy comprehension.
3. Break your thread into digestible chunks for readability.
4. Enhance your thread with visual elements like photos and videos to enhance engagement.
5. Encourage reader participation by asking questions.
6. Incorporate relevant hashtags to aid discoverability.

Q.Is a thread the same as Twitter?

No, a thread and Twitter are not the same. A thread refers to collection of tweets that are interconnected, allowing for continuous narrative. Twitter on the other hand, is a social media platform where users can post and share tweets. While threads are commonly created on Twitter, they can also be formed on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


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