DALI IO-12: Unraveling the Wireless True Hi-Fi Experience

DALI IO-12: Unraveling the Wireless True Hi-Fi Experience




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DALI, renowned for its exceptional loudspeakers, has taken the world by storm with its latest creation – the DALI IO-12 wireless headphones. Revealed at High End, Munich 2023, these state-of-the-art true Hi-Fi headphones have astounded audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. Boasting DALI’s patented SMC driver technology, the DALI IO-12 promises a revolutionary listening experience with unrivaled realism and crystal-clear sound. This article delves deep into the specifications and features of the DALI IO-12, unveiling the audio prowess that sets them apart from the rest.

True Hi-Fi Sound: Uncompromising Audio Quality



DALI IO-12 headphones are more than just typical wireless headphones; they epitomize true Hi-Fi sound. Built using the same sound principles as DALI’s full-size loudspeakers, these headphones deliver an audio experience that transcends conventional headphone technology. The custom 50mm headphone drive unit incorporates DALI’s pioneering SMC magnet technology, eliminating distortion and preserving every intricate detail of the audio. With signature paper fiber cones, the DALI IO-12 produces breathtakingly authentic sound reproduction, capturing the essence of the original recording.

The Power of SMC Technology


DALI’s SMC technology marks a groundbreaking advancement in headphone design. The integration of SMC technology within the driver magnet system significantly reduces distortion, ensuring a faithful representation of the music. This unprecedented innovation brings audiophiles closer to the artist’s intention, allowing for an immersive and lifelike audio experience. With the DALI IO-12, every nuance, instrument, and vocal is conveyed with astonishing clarity and accuracy, providing a listening journey like no other.

Wired or Wireless: Versatility Redefined



DALI IO-12 headphones offer the ultimate convenience with their wired and wireless capabilities. Whether you choose to plug them into your Hi-Fi system for a stationary listening session or pair them with your mobile device for on-the-go indulgence, the DALI IO-12s consistently deliver astonishing Hi-Fi sound. Embrace the freedom of wireless connectivity without compromising audio quality – a testament to DALI’s commitment to providing a seamless listening experience.

Embrace Silence with Active Noise Cancellation

In a world filled with distractions, the DALI IO-12 offers a respite with its cutting-edge active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. Immerse yourself fully in your music, as the advanced ANC technology effectively blocks out external noises, allowing you to focus solely on your audio journey. Whether you’re on a bustling commute or seeking solace in a noisy environment, the DALI IO-12 ensures an uninterrupted and immersive listening experience.

Long-Lasting Listening Pleasure

Equipped with a powerful battery, the DALI IO-12 headphones provide an astounding 35 hours of playback with active noise cancellation enabled. Relish in uninterrupted music sessions throughout the day without the need for frequent recharging. This impressive battery life ensures that your listening pleasure remains undisturbed, even during extended travels or long journeys.

Comfortable Luxury: Designed for Endless Listening

DALI understands the importance of comfort during prolonged listening sessions. The IO-12 headphones are crafted with sumptuous real leather materials and oversized square ear pads, ensuring hours of fatigue-free listening. Experience unparalleled comfort as you indulge in your favorite tunes or binge on your favorite podcasts.

Intuitive Control: No App Required

The DALI IO-12 is designed with user convenience in mind. With integrated buttons, you can effortlessly skip tracks, adjust volume, and manage your music playback without the need for a dedicated app. The seamless control enhances the user experience, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying your music.

Dual Sound Modes: Tailored to Your Preferences

Tailor the audio experience to your personal taste with the DALI IO-12’s dual sound modes – ‘Hi-Fi’ and ‘Bass.’ Choose ‘Hi-Fi’ for a balanced and natural sound signature or opt for ‘Bass’ to emphasize the low frequencies, enriching your music with a powerful and impactful bass response. The flexibility to switch between sound modes ensures that you can customize your listening experience according to your preferred music genres and mood.


The DALI IO-12 wireless headphones have undoubtedly redefined the true Hi-Fi experience. Embodying DALI’s commitment to excellence in audio engineering, these headphones present a breathtaking soundstage with unrivaled realism and crystal-clear sound. The integration of SMC magnet technology elevates the listening experience to unparalleled heights, delivering every note and melody with unparalleled precision. With the convenience of wired and wireless connectivity, advanced active noise cancellation, and extended battery life, the DALI IO-12 guarantees an extraordinary listening journey wherever you go. Comfortable, luxurious, and user-friendly, these headphones are a must-have for audiophiles seeking a seamless blend of audio performance and convenience.

The DALI IO-12 headphones have arrived, revolutionizing the way we perceive wireless true Hi-Fi sound.

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